Monday, 28 September 2015

Get to know me - tag

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all okay?
Im sorry that I havent wrote a blog post in a while, my sister accidently sat on my laptop and broke the screen lol! I havent got it fixed just yet so I borrowing my dads laptop for the meanwhile, So there will be more blog posts comming soon! :)

I was tagged by Rosie to do the get to know me tag so without futher or do here goes!

1.) Thing you cannot leave the house without?
The one thing I cannot leave the house without has got to be my phone, I worry that if something ever happens and I dont have my phone that I wont be able to contact anyone, Or if i am feeling anxious I will play a game on my phone to take my mind of my anxiety! 

2.) Favourite brand of makeup?
My favourite brand of makeup has got to be Rimmel! Most of my makeup is Rimmel :) I do also really like MAC.

3.) Favourite flower?
My favourite flower is a rose I think they are beautiful.

4.) Favourite clothing store?
My favourite clothing store is New Look, I just love there clothes, the clothes are really affordable and stay in good condition for ages without the clothes going bobbly or faded.

5.) Favourite perfume?
My favourite perfume is Paul Smith Rose, its a floral scented perfume, I got it for christmas two years ago when I was pregnant so the perfume reminds me of when I was pregnant! :)

6.) Heels or flats?
I prefer flats, I like being comfortable in my shoes, Although I would love to wear heels because I am really small, I am only 5ft tall aha! Plus I cant walk well in heels either! 

7.) Do you make good grades?
I wouldnt say I make good grades lmao!

8.) Favourite colour?
My favourite colour is pink :)

9.) Do you drink energy drinks?
I used to drink energy drinks, I love the taste of them but they give me palpitations and make me feel shaky so I dont drink them anymore.

10.) Do you drink juice?
I hardly ever drink juice, I usually drink tea and now and then I drink fizzy drinks.

11.) Do you like swimming?
I really like swimming although im not the best swimmer, I still really enjoy it though and so does my one year old son! :) 

12.) Do you eat fries with a fork?
No of course not, You cant eat fries with a fork! Have to use your fingers lol!

13.) Whats your favourite moisturizer?
My favourite moisturizer has got to be one from Nivea! 

14.) Do you want to get married later on in life?
I would love to get married, I would get married now if me and my partner had the money too, I cant wait to wear a beautiful white dress and have my makeup and hair done! And to marry my partner of course! <3

15.) Do you get mad easily?
It depends what the situation is.

16.) Are you into ghost hunting?
I would love to go ghost hunting but I think that I would be too scared lol!

17.) Any phobias?
Yes, I have two phobias, One of spiders and the other one of being sick and other people being sick! The sick phobia is alot worse than the spider phobia though! I have had my sick phobia for over ten years now! Its causes me to have panic attacks too! Its horrible!!

18.) Do you bite your nails?
I used to bite my nails when I was younger but I have stopped, The only time I bite my nails now is if I feel anxious or if I am stressed out.

19.) Favourite thing to do to relax?
My favourite thing to do to relax is to have a nice hot bath and catch up with my youtube videos! :)

20.) If you could be anything in this world, what would you be?
I would love to be a makeup artist! :) 

So there we have it guys, Thats the get to know me tag.
Once again, Thankyou Rosie for tagging me to do this tag!

Thankyou guys!
Love Catherine

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The British Tag.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all okay?
I have been tagged by the lovely Koren to do the British tag :) Check out Korens blog here. So here goes...

How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?
I have 4-5 cups of tea a day, Tea is the only thing that I really drink to be honest lol. I love my tea strong with one sugar! Everyone else in my house has two sugars YUCK!

Favourite part of a roast?
My favourite part of the roast has got to be the meat, I love beef with my roast, or the yorkshire puddings ( I want a roast now!) 

Favourite dunking biscuit?
My favourite dunking biscuit has got to be rich tea, once I eat one I cant stop eating them. 

Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
My favourite quintessentially british pastime has got to be going to the sea side getting candy floss and rocks, going to the tea room and having a cup of tea with scones, oh and going to the funfair :) 

Favourite word?
I dont actually know what my favourite word is lol.

Cockney rhyme slag?
My favourite Cockney rhyme slag has got to be " Rosie Lee" which means tea. 

Favourite sweet?
My favourite sweet has got to be humbugs, I am always eating them.

What would your pub be called?
My pub would be called Harry on the hill, my son is called harry, and also prince Harry. 

Number 1 british person?
Mine has got to be Keith Lemon! He makes me laugh so much, I love watching celebrity juice, Or Julie Waters! I loved her in the film Mamma Mia. 

Favourite shop/Restaurant?
My favourite shop has got to be primark. I dont eat in restaurants because of my emetophobia, I get worried that I might get food poising or something! 

What british pop song comes into your head?
British pop song that comes into my head is nobody is perfect by Jessie J, I love that song. 

I love marmite, that has got to be my favourite thing on toast! yummy.

Well there you have it guys, That is the British tag. Once again thankyou Koren for tagging me to do this post, I really enjoyed writing it. I tag anyone who reads this post to do this tag. Thanks for reading guys!

Love from 
Catherine <3

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Liebster Award

Hello everyone!

I have been nominated by the beautiful Koren (You can find her blog here) to do the Liebster award. This is a great way to get the word about smaller blogs who have fewer views. So here goes...

The Rules

You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.

♥ You must link back to the person who nominated you.

♥ You must nominate 11 bloggers (with under 200 followers) and give them 11 new questions.

♥ You can not nominate the person who nominated you.

♥ You need to leave your nominees a link to your page so they know what to do.

The questions

1) What did you do and play as a child?
When I was younger I used to love watching my brother play, playstation games. As a child I used to play checkouts, I would pretend that I was a lady in the supermarker on the check out lol!

2) Whats your favourite hobby?
My favourite hobby is taking my son swimming with mummy and daddy.

3) Do you prefer countryside or city?
I prefer the countryside, I love the smell of freshly cut grass, I also love seeing the horses running around in fields ( Horses are my favourite animals).

4) What made you start your blog?
I love watching beauty Youtube videos and most of the peoples videos that I watch on youtube have blogs, I thought that it looked really good and thought that I would give it a try. I also really love designing things and being creative. 

5) Whats your favourite food and drink?
My favourite food has got to be fajitas and pizza. My favourite drink has got to be, tea and coke. 

6) What is your idea of heaven?
My idea of heaven is when you have had a busy day and you get into bed and watch a film with a cup of tea. That is my idea of heaven!

7) How do you like to start you day?
I like to start my day by waking up and seeing my gorgeous son smiling at me! And my fiance annoying me ;) aha.

8) Whats your favourite season?
My favourite season has got to be winter, I love wearing woolly jumpers and scarfs. I love comming in from outside and being nice a warm and watching a christmas film with a lovely cup of tea.

9) What is the best thing to you about christmas?
The best thing to me about christmas is when the family all get together and have chrismas dinner! ( Yum got to love a roast dinner!) I think this year will be the best, spending time as a family  with my son as it is his first christmas and with my fiance. Then two days after christmas it is my sons first birthday! :)

10) What are you doing most days at 5pm?
Most days at 5pm I am playing with my son either in his ball pit or watching him run around in his walker.

11) How do you relax?
Once my son has gone to bed I normally make some dinner then have a bath and watch some youtube videos whilst in the bath, I then get into bed and watch some television or play zombies with my fiance who is better than me ha <--- He wrote that not me!. 

I nominate: 
Emma: She hasnt got a blog but is making one and this can be her first post.

(Okay so this isn't 11 people but I dont know 11 people that blog and have under 200 followers) 

My questions for my nominees 
1. What is your favourite colour?
2. What is your favourite clothing shop?
3. Favourite animal?
4. Have you got any fears?
5. Favourite film?
6. What is your dream job?
7. What cheers you up when you are feeling sad?
8. Favourite makeup product?
9. What is the most played song on your phone?
10. Best school memory?

And there you have it, my completed leibdter award, I really hope you enjoyed this post! 

Lots of love Catherine

Monday, 8 September 2014

My hair do that I am loving at the moment!

The hair do that I am loving at the 

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all okay?
Today I thought that I would write a quick post about the hair style that I have been loving throughout summer. I brought this daisy alice band from ebay for 99p! (What a bargain!). I love that this is such a pretty hair do and so easy to do! It was good through summer because when it is hot I hate my hair being down and I was so bored of my hair being in a bun or a pony tail so I thought that I would do this pretty up do.

I know that this was a short blog post, If you would like me to make a video showing you guys how to do it, Please leave a comment below :)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Glossybox August 2014

Glossybox August 2014.

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all okay? I hope you guys enjoyed reading my last post, I know it was a bit different but I really enjoyed writing it! 
This post is going to be about the August Glossybox. I wouldn't say that this was the best box I have had, I have definatley had better. This Glossybox did not come with a magazine, it just came with the card that tells you about the products, where you can purchase them and whether the products in the box are full size or not.
                                                                                                       Lalique L'amour

This is the Lalique L'amour perfume, I really love the smell of this perfume. I would say that this perfume has a very girly scent to it. I think it has a slight under tone of paraviolets (Omg I love those sweets) I would also say that it has a light musky flowery smell. The thing I love about this perfume is that its a subtle smelling perfume its not over powering. When I wore this perfume it literally lasted all day (Which everyone wants in a perfume). I definatley think that I will be buying the full size of this when the sample runs out. You can purchase this perfume from The full size for the 50ml costs £67.00 and for the 100ml it cost £94.00.
                                                                                                 Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer pre shampoo treatment, I have never used anything like this before, I really liked using this product! The texture of the product is like a cream. I applied this to the ends of my hair and wrapped my hair in cling film because it tells you to cover your hair, I left the product in the ends of my hair for 20 minutes. I then washed my hair with shampoo and used conditioner and rinsed it out. When my hair dryed my hair felt really soft and made my hair really shinny! This product is suitable for all hair types. This hair product does not have a scent. I loved this product I will also be purchasing the full size of this product too! On the card that comes with the Glossybox with the products on it says that the 250ml full size costs £38.00 but I couldn't find it on there website so I will leave the link and you guys can see if you can find it if 
your interested. 
                                                                                               Yves Rocher Pink nail polish

This is the Yves Rocher pink nail varnish, I love the colour of this nail varnish! But the nail varnish its self I didn't not like. When you paint it onto your nail its comes out very streaky, I let the first coat dry and applied another coat and even  the second coat dried streaky. I didn't even bother leaving the nail varnish to dry to see how long it would last for. I think I will definatley be looking for the same colour but from a different make. The full size product is £3.60 for a 3ml
                                                                    Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter Cashmere

This is the Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter Cashmere, I absolutly love this highlighter! It has a creamy consistency. The highlighter is very easy to apply and blend out. I apply this product on my cheekbones my browbone and on my cupids bow just to brighten everything up. The colour of the product in the pot is like a pinky beige colour, But when its applied to the skin its a pinky gold colour. When I have used this product up I will definatley be purchasing a new one! The full size cost £12.95 4.5g. I have looked on the website to find this product but I cant find it, but I will still leave the link anyway incase you would like to see there other products.

                                                                                      Figs & Rouge mini hand cream

This is the Figs & Rouge hand cream, I love the packaging to this hand cream! I think this had got to be the best hand cream I have used. At first when you apply it to the skin it feels watery but once it has absorbed into the skin it makes your hands feel really soft! I love the smell of this product it smells like sweets ( I cannot think what sweet it smells like though lol) the hand cream says it smells like mango and madarin but I dont think it does.  Full size £6.95 80ml

                                                                                           Essence Longlasting lipstick

This is the Essence Longlasting lipstick, I love the colour of this product! I would say that it is a pinky purple colour. This lipstick looks really natural on, I would add this into my everyday makeup! I think this is a new brand out because I have only recentley seen it advertised on the tele. This product costs £ 2.29

I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post! I will be uploading a new video on my youtube channel I will like it here
Thankyou guys for reading! 
Love from Catherine 

Monday, 18 August 2014

10 Things which make me happy - Tag

I was tagged by Rosie to do the " 10 things which make me happy" Tag
Find her blog here

10 Things which make me happy;

1) My fiance and my son;  I love my fiance Mark and my son Harry so much! Whenever I am feeling down they both always manage to put a smile on my face. When my son does new things such as saying new words for the first time it makes me so happy and so proud! Words cannot explain how much I love them both and how much they make me happy! My son isnt even eight months yet and he can say; Mum, Dad,Nan,Ta,Duck and Hello! :) 

I am aware that we all look a bit ruff, long painful day!
2) Friends and family:  It makes me so happy knowing that I have such supportive friends and family. I am so lucky to have such special people in my life! My friends and family are always there for me if I am having a bad time with my panic attacks/ anxiety which I have suffered with since I was about 8 or 9, I feel so comfortable to express how I feel about it with them.
Me and my close friend Koren :) 

I am so happy to have a special friend like this girl. We was both embarrassed at first to tell people how we met because we met on Habbo! But now I don't care because I have gained such a close friendship with her. When we first met each other it felt like we had met so many times before! We just get on so well, I just wish we lived so much closer! :( I really hope to see you soon chick! <3

3) Doing my makeup and hair:   It makes me happy when I have done my makeup and my hair. It makes me feel alot more confident in myself, it makes me happy when I can achieve new looks and manage to do new hair styles! :) 
My makeup & my hair style I have recently learnt
to do :) 
4) Chocolate: I absolutely love Chocolate! My favourite has got to be peanut m&ms, I did used to love snickers until when I was pregnant and I ate so much of it, YUCK! I don't like dark chocolate neither white so its obviously got to be milk chocolate aha! :)
Mmm my fav
5) Youtube: Everyday without a fail I go on Youtube and watch beauty videos. They always cheer me up, I love watching how people do their hair and makeup. I love learning new things from peoples videos. I have also uploaded a video of my everyday makeup to my Youtube here is the link if you would like to go and watch it, it was really fun and I really enjoyed doing it. I must say though it did feel strange just speaking to a camera.

6) A cup of tea:  The first thing I do in the morning is go downstairs and make a cuppa. Tea is the only thing I really drink during the day, I hardly ever drink juice. I am tea obsessed I have to have my tea strong and with one sugar. I hate making tea in my house because the minute my family hear the kettle boil everyone wants a cup of tea lol! 

7) Xbox: Although I would say that I am girly, I do really like to play xbox with my fiance. We love playing Battlefield, Call of duty and zombies. The only time I dont like playing xbox is when im getting my but kicked lmao!

8) Blogging: I absolutely love blogging! I love that I can write my tips for beauty and things on here and that you guys can read it and take things from it, I really hope that my blog helps you guys! 

9) Animals: I love animals so much! They always make me happy. I have always grown up with animals. I have two cats, two rabbits and one dog. It upsets me so much knowing that there are horrible people out there badly treating such innocent animals! My favourite animal has got to be a horse, I think they are beautiful and I think they smell like tea lol! 

10) Watching Family Guy: I never used to like family guy, I never used to get what they was talking about and things like that. Its only since I have been with my fiance that I have been getting into it. My fiance is obsessed with it, Now I cant stop laughing at it when it is on :) 

I know this blog was a bit different but I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Feel free to comment below on the things that make you happy! 
Thanks again Rosie at for tagging me to do this post :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

My mini Primark Haul :)

Hello everyone! I hope your all okay? 
Today I thought I would write a blog post on the clothes I brought from Primark, I didnt buy alot as you can see but I thought I would still write a post. I hope you enjoy it! :) I was ment to go to Primark for a swimming costume/bikini as me and my boyfriend was taking our son swimming for the first time! We had such a lovely time! we all really enjoyed it, we will be definatley be going again soon! I wasnt planning on buying anything else but these things caught my eye and I had to buy them. I love Primark I have been shopping there for years! it is just so affordable!

I was going to buy a bikini but when I was trying it on I just didnt feel comfortable as I still have a bit on my pregnancy weight (although I am only a size 8) ... and then I found this pretty swimming costume! I love this swimming costume it is so comfortable! it covers everything so I had no worries of anything being on show that shouldnt lol! the only thing I didnt like about the swimming costume was that the strapes to hold it up are not sewn on they are held on by clips which kept popping off even when just swimming which was a little bit worrying! You can also wear it strapeless so I know why they have designed it like this, I just wish if the clips would have held better! I had to get a size 10 as I found the size of this was to small. But overall I am happy with this purchase! it only cost £10! 

I love this shoes! I have seen loads of people wearing these and I wondered where they had been buying them from, When I went into Primark I went to the shoe section and I found them! I wasn't to keen on the heart that was on them but you can take the heart of if you wanted to, but the more I wore them the more I actually liked it being on the shoe. The shoes are really comfortable, I just wish that I would of got one size bigger, I brought 3-4 when actually my shoe size is 4-5! Next time I go to Primark I will definatley be picking up more in different colours and a bigger size! :) I actually cannot remember how much they were.

It was about time I brought some new summer shorts! I loved these shorts straight away, But when I looked for my size they did not have any! me and boyfriend was then looking round trying to find some like it and my boyfriend spotted these pair and luckily they was my size I was so happy. I love these shorts they are so comfortable! I usually struggle to find clothes that fit because I am only 4ft 11 my trousers and shorts are usually long when I get them in a size 8, but these fit perfectly! these were £10.

I also brought these pair of shorts, I like that these are just plain they will go with pretty much any top! These fit perfectly too, These are just a light denim. These was £10 also.

I brought three of these plain strap tops, these are just so handy to wear under things and even by them self. They are so comfy to wear, the material are thin so they are good for summer but are possible to thin to wear in the winter unless you are wearing a jumper over the top. I brought these for £2.00 ( What a bargin!) hence why I brought three! :)

These have got to be my favourite out of everything I brought! I wasnt planning on getting any dungaree as I have never really seen a pair that I really like, but these I liked straight away because of the design of them. They have little white prints of Mickey Mouse on them! Which everyone who knows me knows that I love anything Disney. These are quiet a thick denim material, they are really comfortable to wear! I wear this outfit one or two ways either as it is in the picture or un clipped with the front bit down with the strap tops I brought. On the inside at the back there are prints of Mickey Mouses head but these are more detailed. These only cost £10 which I was over the moon with.

I hope you guys enjoyed this type of blog post, hopefully there will be more of these. 
Thankyou for reading this post, I will be writing another one soon.
Bye for now! :)